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Department: Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Power Engineering
Department of Structure Physics and Renewable Energy
Contact person: mgr Dorota Koruba, Asystent
Location: E-mail dkoruba@tu.kielce.pl
Website: Phone number: 41 34 24 853
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The CDF method climate chamber.

Polishing machine.

Shmidt rebound hammer.

Apparatus for testing air content in the concrete mix.

Hydrostatic balance table.

Penetration of water testing device.

The climate chamber.

Hydraulic press for testing strength of concrete - 3000kN.

The device set for determination of air void characteristics in hardened concrete.

Rheometer for fresh concrete mix.

Other media

1.1. Engine test stand with compression-ignition engines PERKINS 1104D-44TA and 1104D-E44TA (IMG_9364.JPG)
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